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Consultations available in Portuguese, English and Spanish

✅ For us, Colon Hydrotherapy is a method that goes far beyond intestinal cleansing ‼️

The Modern Hidrocolon Therapy® was developed by Dr. David Granizo Bermejo, with the development of scientific studies concomitantly, being the most advanced technique in the recovery of normal physiological intestinal peristalsis and in the cleaning of the large intestine in its entirety.

👉 In addition to intestinal cleansing, this method focuses on 👉 stimulation of the enteric plexuses of the colon and on the 👉 recovery and strengthening of the intestinal muscles.

✅ Hidrocolon Therapy consists of deep irrigation of the entire colon, through a cannula that is introduced into the rectum, with filtered water and controlled temperature and pressure. This cannula is double-ended: water enters one way and the other fecal matter comes out several times during the session, without the need to go to the toilet, however it is possible to go there.

✅ All the equipment used is sterilized or disposable and the sanitary facilities are disinfected between each patient.

✅ With us the therapy is carried out by a certified nurse, qualified in Naturopathy (4 years of university course) and Modern Hidrocolon Therapy® and Intestinal Health (course over 150 hours).

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